Written Doodles…

Some people draw pictures while taking notes, I take notes while others draw pictures.  Thus, my written doodle…

~ There have been moments in my life where I have sat and savored each breath I have taken in. I have taken these breaths knowing that I was experiencing something special; something significant. Each of these moments has coursed through my veins, to end in a spot in my heart, to be cherished as a special treasure.  However, none of these things even begin to touch the core of my being in the way the God’s calling for me has. There are times when I ache to jump with both feet in to that calling and yet God has told me to wait. Wait on Him, wait for Him, wait.

~My spirit cries out to the Spirit of my Savior. It is with inward groaning that I desire to be comforted, filled, and supplied. While I know that I am not alone, my journey can sometimes resemble a desolate road. I long for the cool waters of His grace.  I stretch out my hand and I can feel Him at the very end of my fingertips so I know he is there. Yet, I long to be swooped up and carried. I close my eyes and I can feel His presence. Yet, I long to be overwhelmed by His Spirit.  God, deliver me from my selfishness. Lead me in was that are prosperous. Uphold me with your mighty hand.

~Taking a deep breath in, I wait.  The voice in the distance is barely audible, but I can hear it.  I fill my lungs again, and listen.  I strain my eyes against the blur.  The blur that is the promise of the future.  And, I wait.  I am ready.  I want to hold it, to feel it, to soak it in.  Yet, the experience is just as, if not more, important than the reflection.  So, I am thankful for THIS moment… while I keep my eyes pointed forward.

~Holy Spirit speak to me.  Let your presence fill me, flood me, change me.  Cause me to be sensitive to your leading and alert to your call.  I want your love to define me, to mold me, to guide me.  How deep is your love for me Oh God.  I cannot fathom its depths.  I think you have shown me mercy and grace and you once again overwhelm me with a newness and a freshness of your Love.  Your words are like cool quenching water to my soul and your presence wraps me and holds me close.


2 responses to “Written Doodles…

  1. I love these! Keep “doodling”!

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